Trauma Survivor Consultations

Trauma Consultations

A very important part of being a Doula includes helping a woman to find her voice and empower her to advocate for her wishes to achieve the birth experience she desires. This is never more true than when working with a survivor of childhood sexual trauma/abuse. When a woman is a survivor, being able to  cope with her past and understand how it may affect her present and her future can be the difference between having a satisfying and empowering birth experience and a birth experience that re-traumatized her.

At First Sight Doula services is proud to offer specialized individual trauma survivor consultation sessions that explore the common triggers that a woman may experience as a survivor of sexual abuse and help to identify the ones that are most relevant and how to effectively cope with them during pregnancy and birth. This understanding of what to expect and how to prepare for it can be an incredibly healing process.

Understanding the process of birth, recognizing the emotional and hormonal changes of the postpartum period, and utilizing our specialized training in this area, we can work with our clients to create a detailed birth plan and facilitate discussion with her provider and birth team communicating her need for them to be sensitive to her unique circumstances.

These consultations are usually split into two 2 hour sessions although some clients may want or need additional sessions. Having the consultation a minimum of two sessions gives us adequate time to discuss a clients history that she may wish to disclose (which is not necessary but may be helpful), explore maternity care practices and how it may affect her, and work on effective coping techniques which help to create a thorough birth plan that prepares her for her upcoming birth.

These sessions are often held a week or two apart so the earlier we can begin the process the better. Of course we will attempt to accommodate any client that reaches out to us even late in pregnancy. All information is kept strictly confidential and will never be shared with anyone.

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