Serving Oklahoma

Serving Oklahoma

Why I choose to serve


If given the choice between master and servant I think that many people would choose to be the master. Our society is very driven by the idea of being in control of our own lives even to the point of isolating ourselves from others. Unfortunately being a servant is seen as being less than, inferior to, or not in control of one’s self but I don’t see it that way at all. These are the reasons why I choose to be a servant.


As a woman of faith, I think that it is incredibly important to be humble. I am often reminded that the Lord honors those who are humble and I want to be the best representative of my faith as I can be. The word “Doula” is defined as a woman who serves. Nothing is more humbling than being the person that is relied upon for educational, emotional, and physical support during the most important day of your life. Being a birth doula requires me to be on call at any hour day or night around your estimated due date and I am proud to do it. Whatever is needed of me from squeezing your hips to rubbing your feet or simply telling you that you are amazing, I am there to do it.

It also takes humility to fold another woman’s underwear, wash her dishes, or hold her baby while she sleeps. I recently served a woman as her postpartum doula overnight and slept on a couch in her bedroom. When the baby woke up I brought the baby to mom to nurse, and when he was done nursing, I changed him and put him to sleep again. I was honored that another woman was so comfortable with my presence in her bedroom that she easily fell asleep and started snoring while I cared for her precious baby!

 For my children

I want to be an example to my children. Not only do I want them to see a successful business owner and dedicated wife and mother, but I want them to see that it is good to put others before yourself. I think that our society is pretty full of people who only look out for number one and it makes it hard for society to work. If they can see their mom serving others, police officers serving others, and church leadership serving others as a normal part of their lives then they too will see the importance of being a contributing member of society and maybe that society will be better for it.

For my clients

My job as a doula is to serve my clients. I am here to support your decisions. Period. I am not here to influence you one way or another, make any judgements about your choices, or make your choices for you. I am strictly support personnel. I like to say you are the captain but I help you navigate the waters. The captain decides where to take the ship. I want to educate my clients about their choices so that they are able to feel confident and are able to advocate for the care they want. I will provide the physical and emotional support you need to birth your baby and continue that care into the postpartum period. I choose to serve.

As a birth and postpartum doula I am honored to provide comprehensive services to women of all faiths, economic and social backgrounds, and in all of their varying circumstances. I am available the moment my clients sign a contract until they birth their babies and beyond. I am professional, committed, enthusiastic, and compassionate.

I choose to serve. How can I serve you?

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