Guest post for Tulsa Family Doulas “If animals can do it why can’t I??”

Hey everyone… I wrote a guest blog post for Tulsa Family doulas today!! Here is a little tidbit but you need to follow the link to get it all!

I have a small “farm” in Northeast Oklahoma where we raise rabbits, chickens, pigs, and sometimes a garden.  Since I have started raising rabbits I have noticed something very interesting. First time mama rabbits have about a 50-50 chance of loosing their entire first litter when they are put it cages separately. Some mamas simply don’t build their nest in time, some mamas build a nest but don’t feed their babies, some mamas will step on the babies accidentally crushing them. But I have been reading a lot about a different method of rabbitry; colony style.

You see in a rabbit colony, all of the does are kept together in more of a kennel or a yard where they are free to build their own nests where they want, and often times will share nests. I have noticed that with this method that owners of the rabbits comment about the older does caring for the younger by either feeding the babies themselves, or building the nests for the younger does.

This got me thinking about the way we take of our new mothers in our society…. Read the rest here and let me know what you think.

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