Birth Photography

Why Hire a Birth Photographer?

The goal of the birth photography session is to create a story in photos. When mom is busy bringing baby into this world, she often misses some of the precious details of the environment around her. She doesn’t see her mom peaking in the doorway as her baby is having a baby. She doesn’t notice the excitement on her other children’s faces as they wait for their new sibling. She may not realize how absolutely stunning and strong she looks as she breathes through her contractions. She certainly doesn’t see the birth of her baby from any perspective other than her own.

Being able to tell these stories in photos also gives families the opportunity to share their special moments with friends and family without having them in the room. It allows all of the intimacy of the moment to be treasured while also inviting others to “be there” without actually being there.

Additionally, having a professional in charge of capturing these moments allows loved ones to take part in the story instead of being bystanders.

“When I had my children one of my main concerns wasn’t for my husband to hold my hand but to capture the birth on film! I wanted the memories to look back onto because I knew those moments were so filled with emotion, awe,  wonder, and intensity that I may not remember everything. It is my goal to give you beautifully edited photos of your birth experience and the first moments of your baby’s life.” ~ Devon  Mullins

Questions and Answers about At First Sight birth photography

About Birth Photography
Birth and labor are unlike any other circumstance that photographers face. With often dim lighting, the photographer cannot control the environment and must adjust to circumstances as they change. Devon will shoot glimpses of your labor and birth unfolding naturally in a photo-journal style with the goal of creating a “story” in photos. Being on both sides of the birth process as doula as well as a mother, she also understands which special moments you may want.

When do we call you to join us?
Typically we will come when you begin active labor. This is around 5 cm with contractions coming every 3-5 minutes. We will come to wherever you are laboring whether it is in the comfort of your home, a birth center, or the hospital. We will stay until the baby is born and usually a few hours after to capture some of your bonding moments and baby meeting family members.

Will photographs from my birth be posted on your website?
Yes, images from the births are often posted on the website and Facebook page but you will be able to view your images on the website through a password protected link before any of them are shared and let us know if there are any that you deem unsuitable to share. We don’t share the graphic photos and usually choose ones that have a more artistic or emotional feel to them.  You can decide what, if any names are shared online.

What if you miss our birth?
If, through fault off our own we miss your birth and a backup is unavailable (ie: due to illness, attending another birth, unforeseen emergency), you will receive a refund minus $75. If we miss your birth because it was too fast or you did not call us in time, there is no refund.

How long will it take to receive the images?
You may expect your images in approximately 2-4 weeks.

Will the photos be graphic? I would like to have photos to share with family.
During our prenatal meeting, we will discuss what you would like photographed and what you do not.  Some women want pictures of the baby coming out, others do not. Your comfort is our top priority, so we will photograph as much or as little as you desire. We try to get as many  photos of your birthing environment as possible to help you remember all the little details you may not have been focused on during your birth.

What if I have a C-Section? Can I still have a birth photographer?
This all depends on your doctor and your anesthesiologist. If you are having a planned cesarean, you should talk to your doctor ahead of time and try to get approval. If you end up with an unplanned cesarean, you may still ask but it is unlikely they will allow a photographer in the surgery suite. If you are unable to have us in the cesarean with you don’t worry, we will still be able to capture many great photos of you and your baby bonding after you are in recovery as well as family meeting your new one.

Birth Photography

1 complimentary interview/prenatal meeting . We will discuss what to expect, what moments you wish captured, etc.

  • On-call as soon as you sign your contract and your deposit is paid.
  • Includes coverage of labor (starting around active labor) and birth up to 2 hours afterward
  • Photo book with your TOP 10-15 favorite images (additional images may be added for an additional fee)
  • Professionally custom edited images in a mix of black & white and color

Fresh 48 session

If you choose not to have your birth photographed another wonderful alternative is to take advantage of a “fresh 48″ session. This is where we capture your precious bonding moments with your new baby and family in a photo-journalistic style. These sessions are not posed and are wonderful when introducing siblings to the new baby!

What is included

  • Custom color processing of images. There will be a combination of color and black and white photos.
  • Photos are usually ready within 2-4 weeks after your birth

If you want to capture the once in a lifetime event of your child’s birth please contact us for availability. We only take a limited number of clients due to the on call nature of our services.